Tips to Help You Clean to Maintain Your Washing Machine

1 May 2017
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You rely upon your home appliances to make your life easier and the everyday tasks simpler and faster to complete, especially with the busy-ness of the world today. When your clothes washer begins to not work properly, such as leaking, not filling or draining water from its drum properly, or causing your clothes to smell worse after they have been through a wash cycle, it is time to get it repaired or cleaned to remedy the problem so you can go on with your busy life. Read More 

Fixing Noisy Front-Loading Washing Machines: 3 Appliance Parts You May Need

22 September 2016
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Even if you wash one load of laundry each day, your washing machine should still last you on average about 14 years if you maintain it properly and perform repairs immediately once you notice signs that something might be wrong. In particular, if you've started to notice that your washing machine is making weird, noisy sounds whenever you run a load, the noise could be an indication that one or more of its parts need to be replaced. Read More 

Dishwasher Diagnostics: Why Your Dishwasher Is Leaking And What You Can Do About It

14 December 2015
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A leaking dishwasher can be a damage hazard in your home, especially if your kitchen is carpeted or has hardwood or laminate flooring. Fortunately, most leaks do not mean you have to replace the unit -- some replacement parts or tweaking in the plumbing might be all you need. First, though, you'll need to determine the source of the leak. This guide can help you diagnose the leak and help you know what repairs you need. Read More 

Stay Warming During A Nasty Blizzard: Last-Minute Furnace Tips

29 May 2015
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For many Americans, winter means cold toes, icy sidewalks and snow – lots and lots of snow. In preparation for the expected snowfall, you've taken the time to stock your pantry with nonperishable foods and bottled water. However, while you purchased supplies for your pets and family, did you take the time to prepare your furnace? If a blizzard is in the forecast, here are a few quick and simple ways you can get your furnace ready for all that snow: Read More