Your Microwave Works: Signs It Still Needs Repair

11 May 2020
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Even if your microwave is working well, you may need to have the unit repaired. Over the years, your microwave will naturally show some signs of wear and tear, and it's important that you don't ignore these classic signs. Microwave repair should always be done professionally by an appliance repair technician who has experience with your make and model of microwave unit.

Here are some classic signs your microwave is in need of repair even if the unit is still working. The average person pays between $100 and $200 to have their microwave fixed, so keep this in mind as you explore your options on whether to repair or replace your microwave unit.

Food cooks slowly

Are you adding more time to your cooking time when you put food in your microwave, yet food is still coming out cold or lukewarm in places? If your food is not heating evenly or is not warming up all over, then you need to check the bulb or heating elements involved with your unit. Your appliance repair specialist can often fix smaller household appliance problems on-site, so your repairs may be easier and less costly than you think.

Buttons don't work

Over time, the button panel on your microwave can start to wear out, leaving some buttons working but others not. If your microwave is having any issues with one or more of the buttons on the panel, then repair is needed even if you have found a way to work around the faulty buttons. Your microwave repair specialist will assist you in making sure your microwave works as well as it should by replacing the panel, which can take less time than trying to pinpoint the wiring issues with just a few buttons.

Plate doesn't spin

One of the most common microwave issues is this: the microwave plate doesn't spin. This is something you work around by manually rotating your cooking food, but if you don't allow your microwave specialist to assist you, you can end up with other mechanical failures with your microwave in addition to the more minor plate spinning problem.

While not all microwave repair issues are serious or immediate, it's still wise to have repairs done as they are needed. Your microwave repair specialist will assist you in fixing your microwave so you can keep the unit working well. If you have a newer unit, it's often easier to make the financial decision to do repairs over simply replacing the unit, although older microwaves on warranty will be able to benefit from repairs as well.