Tips To Get The Best Performance From Your Washing Machine

3 May 2018
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Your washing machine may be one of your most valuable and commonly used appliances. This makes it necessary for you to understand the various steps that can be taken to protect your washing machine against common problems and forms of wear. More precisely, you will find that there are three steps that can drastically reduce the risk of problems arising with your washing machine.

Routinely Inspect The Water Hoses

Problems with the water hoses can be a particularly devastating problem for your washing machine. In addition to compromising the performance of the washing machine, these issues can also lead to major water damage occurring to the house. Every few weeks, you should thoroughly inspect the hoses to make sure that they are free of leaks and cracks, and that they are securely attached to the washing machine and the water connection.

Replace The Washer's Water Filter

The washing machine will be equipped with a filter that is designed to remove most of the particulate matter and other debris from the water going into the washer. Over time, this filter will become clogged, and this can decrease its effectiveness. As a result, you should replace this filter on a regular basis to ensure the washer is receiving high-quality water. Fortunately, these filters are designed to last for at least a year before needing to be replaced. Although the exact requirements can vary from one washing machine to another, and the owner's manual should always be consulted prior to doing this maintenance.

Consider Installing A Water Softener

A water softener can greatly extend the lifespan of your washing machine if your home has hard water. This is due to the degrading effect that mineral accumulations can have on the washing machine. These deposits can clog the interior piping and hoses of the machine, which can restrict the flow of water. By having a water softener installed, you can avoid this problem, as this device will remove most of the excess minerals from the water. In addition to reducing the problems with your washing machine, this upgrade can benefit any of your plumbing fixtures.

Knowing the basic steps that you can take to avoid common problems with your washing machine while also extending its life can be useful information for any homeowner. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that will simply fail to regularly inspect the hoses, replace the water filter, and consider the benefits of a water softener. Being aware of these steps will help you to get the best return on your investment in your washing machine. 

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