Why Your Broken Air Conditioning System Probably Isn't Broken At All

14 September 2017
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If you don't feel cool air immediately after turning the knob that's supposed to turn your air conditioning on, you might have an HVAC system that needs repairing. For those who have window air conditioning units, it could be a bad coil or a lack of Freon that's causing your air conditioning to cease working. Surprisingly, most people assume that they need major air conditioning fixes and repairs when they really only require a thorough servicing.

Air Conditioners Get Dirty

Consider how long you run your air conditioning unit during the day at the height of the summer. If you spend most of the day away at work you may run the AC unit for 12 hours a day. On a day that you have nothing to do, your air conditioner might run 24 hours non-stop. Can you imagine how dirty your air conditioner might get after the end of a single season? A lot of people don't change the filters in the HVAC units nor do they do any maintenance on window AC units. A good cleaning by an air conditioning repair professional is probably what you need to get your home cool and comfortable again.

Broken Air Conditioning Units Are Salvageable

Once an AC unit doesn't turn on you have to go to a professional repair company to find out if it can be fixed. In some instances the cost and effort required to repair a broken air conditioner isn't as practical as having a new unit installed. First, you need to get the opinion of a trainer air conditioning repair technician before deciding to chuck your AC unit simply because you don't think it can be fixed without lots of effort. After you get a repair quote, you need to see what replacement parts are necessary, if any, and if the total amount of labor is worth it.

New AC units blow cold and run strong, but they eventually need servicing. Get used to having your air conditioning units serviced by a professional once per year so that all repairs are minor and you are able to use your warranty to keep servicing and repair costs low. Whether your air conditioners sit in the window or you have a central AC unit that works to keep your entire home at cooler temperatures, maintenance is critical. Don't assume that having a broken air conditioner means that buying a replacement unit is your only option. Contact a service, like Economy Air Systems Inc, for help.