To Repair Or Replace Your Washing Machine? Factors To Consider

25 June 2017
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When you go to do a load of laundry, the last thing you hope to find is a washing machine that does not function properly. Whether it starts spraying water all over the room, or simply does not spin or even switch on at all, you may find yourself in an unusual situation. On the one hand, you likely did not budget for any major appliance purchases and on the other hand, you can only put off doing your laundry for so long. To help you make a decision about what to do when your washing machine breaks down, get to know some of the factors to consider when choosing whether to invest in washer repair services or an entirely new washing machine.

The Age of Your Washer

One of the most important factors to consider when you are looking at the options of repairing or replacing your washing machine is the age of your current washer. Washing machines are generally rated to last any where from 8 to 15 years with what is considered to be low to average use. Now, if you have a larger family or need to do laundry quite often because of severe allergies or asthma, then your washer may not last as long as the average.

The important thing is that knowing the age of your washing machine can help provide you guidance in terms of whether you should repair or replace your washer. If you have only had your washing machine for a year or two, you should not already need to replace your washer. In fact, before you even call a washer repair service, you may want to check your original paperwork for your washer to determine if any repairs made in that time period would be covered under your warranty.

On the other hand, if you have had your washer for more than a decade and have used it heavily during that time period, it may be more beneficial to you to look into purchasing a new one rather than continue to pay for repairs. When your washer is that old, it will likely need more frequent repairs and have progressively more serious (and expensive) issues.

The Type of Washer You Have

Another factor that you will want to keep in mind when deciding whether to repair or replace your washing machine is what type of washer you have. There are two primary categories of washing machines available today. Those are top-loading and front-loading washers.

Top-loading washers are the more traditional option and if you have an older washing machine is likely what you have. It is a great deal more expensive to repair a top loading washer than a front-loading washer. Part of this is due to the fact that parts for top-loading washers (particularly older ones) can be difficult to find and another part is the extra labor involved in working on these washers.

As such, if you have a top-loading washer, you may consider whether the cost of repairs is reasonable to you or if purchasing a new front-loading washer would be a better financial choice in the long-run.

With these factors in mind, you can be sure that you make the right choice when deciding whether to repair or replace your broken washing machine.