Leveling Your Washing Machine: How And Why

8 March 2017
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If your washing machine is making a loud, thumping noise (or walking), it could be because it is off-balance or un-level. A machine that isn't level can damage the machine, cause the water to not drain properly, or even cause your clothes to not be washed properly. Balancing your machine again is a fairly simple task that can be done yourself. See below for tips and instructions to get this job done.

Use A Level

Grab a handy level to check if the machine is level. Do this by placing the level on the top of the machine. If it's off, you'll need to level it out. If the legs of the machine have self-leveling legs, adjust the nuts as necessary until the machine is level. If the drum is not tightened, you'll need to tighten the drum as well, as this can cause your machine to not be level. Washing machines can become un-level for a number of different reasons. Overloading the machine, foreign objects in the machine (coins or buttons), or shipping materials not taken off of the machine when purchased. 

Don't Overload

Overloading your machine can cause the drum to be thrown out of balance. Never put too many clothes into the machine, as the clothes won't be able to move around to balance themselves out. This can cause the drum to become unbalanced. It can also cause your clothing to not get as clean, as the water and soap won't be able to reach the clothing that is trapped in the middle of the pile - and who wants to wear dirty clothes?

Remove Foreign Objects

Clean out the front basket of the machine, as well as the drum to remove objects such as buttons, coins and other items that don't belong in the machine. These objects can build up, blocking the drain in the machine, or throwing the machine completely off balance.

Take Off Shipping Materials

When your machine is shipped to you, it has extra screws, straps and other objects holding the packaging to the machine. If you don't take these items off of your machine, it can damage your brand new washer. Be sure to read the instructions that came with the machine to get rid of all packing materials that don't belong on the machine.

An un-level machine can cause further damage to your washing machine, which can mean costly repairs to you. If you aren't able to level the machine yourself, contact a professional appliance repairman for help.